About Beachn


Hi I’m Eileen Mangahas and I started Beachn Candles because I got tired of spending $60 dollars on a single candle only for me to suffer from an allergic reaction causing me to have bad headaches and constant sneezing. My curious mind as to what goes into a candle had made me want to experiment in making my own. As I started documenting the process, my friends started to ask if they are available and if I would be selling them. I never intended too, but it just happened that way. I am glad they asked because if they never did, I would never have started this business.

To me the beach is a place where I get a sense of peace, joy, and happiness and some of the best childhood memories. 

The name Beachn came from my parents and relatives who migrated from the Philippines to the United States and all of them had hard filipino accents so their pronunciation of words sounded a little off to me. They would pronounce beach like “betch.” My Mom's side of the family was poor, My grandma raised 8 kids on her own and my Mom use to tell me to be grateful for what I have because other people are worse off than us. She told me that all it takes is one person to make a difference in this world. She taught me to always be kind and not be quick to judge because you never know what another person may be going thru but to always support others. She would tell me that there is always hope in this world. Life can be a bitch with its ups and downs but if we support one another in life with kindness and love than their is nothing that can stop you from your happiness. Learn to live, learn to listen, and offer a helping hand because it only takes one person to light up another persons life in making a difference.

Beachn Candles is environmentally friendly using all natural soy wax that is grown in the United States in the Midwest. Just like natural foods we use natural wax that may slightly discolor over time without the use of stabilizers and additives. We prefer to not use paraffin in our candles which derives from the petroleum, coal, or shale oil and is unhealthy for you to be breathing in. Paraffin is cheap wax but we prefer our candles to be environmentally friendly for all our customers. Our candles contain no zinc, no lead, and are phthalate free and are available in a wide variety of natural essential fragrances. These are all hand poured and mixed in 2lb batches. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

- Eileen Mangahas - Founder/Candle Maker